Photography is great. Everyone likes to take pictures. How many times have you stop on the side of the road, in Ancram, because what you were seeing was an image you wanted to be able to share with other people or recall, later, whenever you wanted? Every day you see things that you want to be able to share with other people and be able to look at later. But in reality it’s not just seeing the image again, it’s the feeling that you experienced when you saw the image that you want to be able to feel again. Photography allows you to capture those little moments in time that might otherwise be forgotten.

OK, You Know You Like Being An Amateur Photographer, Now What?So you like photography and you want to move forward, get a little more serious about it. The thing about photography is that in the process of learning to be a good photographer, you can spend a lot of money. All kinds of people pushing all kinds of, “BE THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER IN JUST 30 DAYS” products, will be knocking at your door. Promising that their product will make you the next New York superstar photographer. That, and the cost of equipment, and you have something equal to a student loan. How can a person afford to move forward in the Photography field without making some kind of money from their work?

The Answer

This seems so simple that you would think it’s a “RIPOFF”. But it’s far from that. Your everyday pictures can actually provide you with a steady income. Think about it, there are so many people in search of unique images that they have “RIGHTS” to use. Where would someone go to find a unique image relating to, “Anything they need”?

It’s crazy what kind of images people are looking for. Better yet, their willing to pay for them. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let me set the scene.You’re a web designer and you’re working on a client’s website. You need a “unique” image of someone hailing a Taxi. You would go out and take it yourself but you live in Ancram, New York. You’d be sitting downtown for a long time before you saw a Taxi. So the problem is, where can you get that image and have the rights to use it?

That’s where we the “amateur photographer” come in. People need images of everything you can think of. You’d be surprised at what kind of images people are looking for and will buy the rights to use. The image has to be unique, but the image “type” doesn’t need to be unique.

Let me give you an example.If you google images of, dogs. You’ll get a lot of pictures of dogs, not unique. But if you take a picture of you dog, that’s a unique image. And you can sell the rights to use that image.

Just to give you an idea of some of the pictures I’ve sold the rights to use, and they were very basic.

1. My Australian Sheppard barking at the gas meter reader
2. My Toyota Tacoma half way up a hill
3. A buddy snagging Salmon
4. A really banged up Fender Strat
5. Lowes installing a sliding glass door at my house
6. A coyote walking down the sidewalk at 3:00 AM
7. A Scrum in my kids rugby game
8. A pole toss at a Celtic festival
9. An order of “Truffle Fries”
10. And one of my favorites: My wife chasing one of her Shih Tzu’s down the road

My point is, you never know what people are looking for. Find out all you need to know to get started.