Melissa and I photograph a lot of bridal boudoir, and I get questions all the time about what to wear for a bridal boudoir session. You don’t want to make your entire photo portfolio filled with white lingerie of course, but soft colors are a natural choice. Then play it up from there – a birdcage veil, feather hairpieces, pearls, flashy jewelry…. and always, always, always stillettos!! :)This set of vintage lingerie with pearls was a favorite of mine from Miss V’s boudoir photography. It is such a perfect contrast to the traditional bright white bridal lingerie you so often see in the stores, and it’s perfectly girlie and sweet. I just adore it!§This boudoir session is all about the WOW factor. Miss V came to me a *year* before her wedding date to get started on the gift she will give her hubby-to-be in January. We set up a three hour session, with Pam Green doing 2 looks for hair and makeup, and Melissa and I both photographing. Miss V brought a friend along, and the mimosas started flowing! :DWe had a blast! She brought about 15 outfits (accessories to match!) and we paired it down to our 10 favorites together. We did a sporty, a soft, a sultry, and a pinup look – some with dramatic lighting and some natural. The extra hour of shoot time allowed us to get a great variety of shots, and we’re creating an over-the-top album to showcase her photos! This is one VERY lucky husband!!My favorite photo from the session! 

I got an email in december from an excited, ready to celebrate, wife. it was one of those “i would like to set up a boudoir photography session and” emails. which always gets me extra excited to photograph boudoir when the lady comes into the studio with so much enthusiasm. miss m arrived with lots of variety for her outfits, and we picked out our favorites together before we started. my favorite look for boudoir photos will always, always, always be a tie. there is something perfect about the hint of a man in boudoir photographs, and the tie always reminds me the scene in pretty woman where julia roberts is waiting for her man in just a tie at the dining room table. so sexy!§§as a boudoir photographer in houston, i’m often asked about the details of taking boudoir photography. it is a growing area of photography and has recently even been featured in Grace Ormand Wedding Magazine as a great add-on for wedding photographers to offer in a bridal package. i’ve noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about exactly what boudoir is, and i want to clear up some of the common questions i’m asked.1. boudoir photography is always risqueboudoir photography has become a glamorous photographic style. it is not your typical hustler or even playboy style of photography. there is nothing pornographic about it. it’s a classy way to document your most beautiful moments in life – anniversaries, weddings, and successful long distance relationships. i get inquiries from professional women who have a boyfriend overseas in the army or navy, and women who just had a baby and want to celebrate their new figure. the photographs are beautiful and empowering.2. only women with model-type bodies can do iti can’t tell you how many times i have received an email from a full figured woman who asks if i’m able to do boudoir photography for her. of course!!! women are naturally nervous about their bodies and it’s up to the boudoir photographer to find that perfect angle so that you leave feeling confident and beautiful after seeing the back of my camera. boudoir photographers know how to accentuate your best features, and minimize those that you’re uncomfortable about.3. it’s something i could never tell my friends i didactually, most of the boudoir sessions i photograph aren’t just with my client – more often than not, they bring a friend along to help and offer support. it’s great to have someone close by who can give advice about which outfit to wear, how to have your makeup done, or to fix that fly away hair. they help to calm your nerves – boudoir photography is so common and classy now that it’s normal to bring a friend along for that confidence boost.4. only women who know how to pose can do itevery step of the way, boudoir photographers will tell you how to move to bring out bring your best features. we’ll demonstrate the pose for you and we know which types of outfits look best for particular backdrops and poses.5. it means i have to pose nudeboudoir photography isn’t neccessarily nude. my clients often bring along their man’s button down shirt, a sexy little t-shirt, or an extravagent corset. clients who DO pose nude are almost always covered in a sheet. boudoir is all about the tease – giving your man enough to let his mind wander while still being classy.

Well, after 4 months of design, the new boudoir site is finally up and running! since boudoir is such an intimate thing, and also such a huge part of our photography studio, it felt only natural to create a separate site and brand for it. yes, the branding is very similar to J. Vallecorsa wedding photography – after all, it IS still the same photographer. but, bijou bleu (translated: blue jewel) has a little bit of a feminine twist. :)we also decided to expand the boudoir portion of the studio to Charlotte, North Carolina. Which means no travel fees to Houston, New Orleans, or Charlotte since we’re already traveling so much for those cities anyway. woohoo! a HUGE THANK YOU to lady J, who was gracious enough to offer her photos for the design of the boudoir site. i definitely wouldn’t have been as pleased with the style had it not been for her.let me know what you think! :)