Hi Malbert here again, just a quick e-mail to once again thank you for your hard work in making a fantastic job of our wedding photos. Myself and Laura are over the moon with the results of our snaps after the horrible thunder storm that threatened to ruin our day. I will be leaving your number with our friends in Jasper and will be telling them to call you if they hear of anyone looking for a professional photographer. Once again thanks! You have made us and no doubt our families back home very happy.

The larger percentage of the human population believes in Angels at some level of possibility. Well after many unbelievable circumstances this summer I have become a believer as well. I can honestly say my religious nature is probably one of the number one reasons I feel at home doing weddings. I was raised in the church and my family was the first Scottish family to set up church in Ontario during the highland clearances in 1854. In church I tricked my mother in letting me draw pictures out of boredom as long as the drawings were of heaven. 30 odd years later here I am maintaining my foundation of time creating photos of couples creating their new churches with our heavenly life bearing Father.      

After 18 years of solid study of the spiritual gifts of light I completely understand my Father’s responsibility in my life on this Earth. Please understand I am very religious -like “Book of Enoch” old with my ancient studies however my studies are to help me understand how to help others with this time of humanity on Earth.

I have long argued with my oldest teacher who is in his late 70’s about my call on this planet. I have so much positive energy to help others and many of a time I asked myself am I really suppose photograph brides on their wedding days? Despite my inner doubts of my calling on this Earth the light that shines within allows each Wedding I engage in to be enough of a success to keep this road of Heaven and Earth inline and my essence despite all my imperfection here at this centre.

With the undercurrent of my resolve with this civilization that my mortal time has been gifted with to mend on a day to day fashion. It is the crafts of my earthly hands that harms my Father’s joy and that is the mass extinction of species caused by land degradation through deforestation. This craft is his very talent he has given to me to for free. As I am a worker of the light since my call to be a photographer in a 9th grade darkroom. I must not forget my Sunday school teachings of my childhood and the stories of Adam and Eve, and then further on the first miracles of Christ at a wedding celebration.

I would honestly say nearly all my Weddings this summer no matter what town they were in along the Canadian Rockies were threaten by either rain, wind, Forrest fire smoke however all of our weddings have succeeded and I believe deep down inside that prayer does changes things and the Father truly blesses man’s efforts to yearn to create his Father’s Kingdom on Earth by embracing his Bride the glorious Angel of Earth on his wedding day. Come on think about how much would brides look like pure white Angels of powerful healing powers to any Groom’s eyes on his Wedding day if she had a set of wings as well with that veil?

The studious boy that I am, I have done my homework or should I say work is always their in front of me when I wake up after resting my busy little imagination producing yet another successful wedding package. Moving on, it turns out that Banff, Lake Louise, and Emerald Lake are huge magnetic power spots that join other major power spots that rest on the 51 degree latitude. With the magnetic ionizing of the glacial lakes  in the region they empower the Angelic Realm of Consciousness. Further moments with Angels have lead me to learn of Saint Raphael, The Angel of Marriage, Rapheal’s colours are of the greenest emeralds -just like our lakes here in the Canadian Rockies, and spiritually he rules the type of healing that mends wounded hearts.

Rapheal’s work with me is that I mend and heal hearts by placing smiles on clients faces and many times the Brides feel the same tears of joy that I do because I have put nothing less than pure unadulterated love given from my father above into work that preserves the moment of love that our father smiles on for as long as the Heaven pressures the Earth to give Birth.

For more about connecting with Angels on your Wedding Day here is a link a rare and unexpected soul supplied to me when I least expected to understand more about the spiritual work I perform on my clients wedding days…