In this guide, we will give you useful tips on how to take better photographs of cars.

While professional car photographers can take spectacular, flashy photos of cars for popular glossy vehicle magazines, most of us have far simpler reasons for taking photographs of cars. Perhaps you want a simple picture for a social media post, insurance claim or most commonly some photographs of your car for the purpose of advertising for resale.

Follow these simple tips, and you can vastly improve your pictures to show off your car in the best possible way.

Choose a suitable background

The optimal background for your photograph can best show off your car. A parking lot is not advisable, they tend to be dirty and dark, and this can add a dreary feeling to your final image. Don’t forget to use floor jack to lift motorcycle {floorjackkiller}. The best location is somewhere that contrasts and compliments the color of your car. For example, if you have a red car, choose a quiet are where you can have a clear blue sky in the background.

Choose good light

While professional photographers have quality cameras that come with an array of lenses and settings, most of us tend to rely on a simple phone camera, so choosing a setting and time of day that has good light will make a significant improvement on the quality of your photograph. Also take note of any reflections caused by the light. Too much light reflecting in the wrong area can also ruin your image.

Ensure that you have enough space

When choosing the setting for your photograph, select an area that has ample space for the car and extra space on all sides. This allows you to take a picture of the entire car without any other distracting things in the picture so that the viewer will focus on the car.

Clean It

Before you start shooting, make sure to give your car a good wash. A sparkly clean car looks way better in a photograph than a dusty, dirty one. Clean your vehicle inside and out. The lovely sparkly car won’t look good if you can see a mess through the window!

Get creative

While taking your pictures with a phone camera may be limiting you do have the advantage of being able to take multiple shots and deleting bad ones on the spot. Get trigger happy and choose the best one, sometimes the smallest thing can make a big difference in the result. Try taking shots from different angles and see what effect it has on the light. You can even try to reposition the car if it helps. If your shots are for the purpose of reselling the car, it is a good idea to take pictures from the front back, both sides and even the interior of the vehicle.

Follow these simple guidelines on how to take better photographs of your car and your results will be vastly improved. So get snapping and show off your cars best side!